New Online Slots

Thanks to the rise of the internet and numerous technological advances, new online slots have grown in popularity significantly over the past two decades. It is even estimated that this industry will be worth $ 60 billion in the next year! As a result, competition between virtual casinos promises to be even fiercer and only the best UK slots bonuses won’t be enough, so competitors will have to be more innovative than ever. But what are the expected trends in the market?

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New Online Slots- Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are growing everywhere, including in the familiar and classic slots machines. More and more sophisticated, these technologies offer new opportunities to establishments. They allow them to offer ever more original and immersive entertainment, for an unparalleled gaming experience. Some virtual casinos have already been using these new technologies for years, and many more are expected to follow this year.

On the one hand, virtual reality simulates a complete 3D environment, with which the user can interact realistically. The player only has to put on his VR headset to dive into a casino as real as life.

Augmented reality uses the existing environment and superimposes new images on top of it. The user then has a virtual view of the world around him. This technology is notably found in the Pokémon Go mobile game. By using it, an online casino can make gambling even more exciting and engaging.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Then, machine learning and artificial intelligence are two other booming technologies, which will be widely used in virtual casinos in the oncoming years.

First, artificial intelligence is about mimicking human intelligence with computer systems. To do this, the machine collects and processes multiple pieces of information, then uses it to draw conclusions and take action. In a virtual casino, the AI ​​gets to know the user and can tailor their reactions accordingly.

In addition, machine learning allows these computer systems to learn and improve from data. This is done automatically, without additional learning. Used together, artificial intelligence and machine learning will improve the gaming experience. For example a personalized offer for each player, sophisticated chatbots, but also fraud detection and improvement of the casino supermarket functionalities.


Still in the technological field, the blockchain will continue to spread among casinos. Simply put, a blockchain is a collection of uneditable data, time-stamped and managed by a network of independent computers. All of these blocks are secured and linked to each other using cryptography. This is why the blockchain is particularly used to secure online payments, especially in many casinos.

But the first real blockchain casinos have only appeared recently. Based on a blockchain, this decentralized system has various advantages:

  • The casino cannot access and manipulate the data. All games then operate fairly and transparently.
  • The funds are stored in blockchain smart contracts, which makes transactions safer and faster.
  • Deposits are made through encrypted transactions, without the player having to provide any personal data or credit card information. Thus, no sensitive information is stored.
  • Blockchain casinos keep records of all wagers and games, and players can access them freely.

The blockchain-based casino system has recently emerged in the industry, bringing great satisfaction to the players. And the trend promises to continue very widely in 2020.

Mobile and social gaming

Finally, games accessible on social networks have prompted online casinos to include social functions in their own games. Thus, players can easily interact with other users by playing social slots, accepting challenges or appearing on the leader board. In this year, the social functions of online casinos are shaping up to be even better.

Add to that the meteoric rise of mobile games. There are already multiple casino game applications. In the future, casino sites will be compatible with mobile phones. This way, a user will be able to play on new online slots on their computer, tablet and smartphone, anytime, anywhere.