Online Slots

Slot machines have been inspiring people for many years due to their actually simple function and their great entertainment value and incredible slots bonuses rounds. But only since the advent of the many online casinos and the simple and uncomplicated availability also in leisure time has the interest of more and more people in these devices increased. So it’s time to deal with the question of what principle slot machines and online slots actually work and how they are structured.

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Slot machines are a game of chance

Basically, it must be mentioned first and in any case that the slot machines are a game of chance, so the player can lose all his bets as well as make high profits. What happens depends not least on luck, but also on the behaviour of the players. There are practically no known and applicable tricks and tricks to move the various slot machines to payouts and high profits. You can certainly steer the chances a little in your own direction, but there are no guarantees of success.

A bet on probabilities

While it may look like that, slot machines are less inferior to chance than it seems at first glance. We players see the different symbols and reels and the many different paylines and special games that are installed in the different slot games by the manufacturer. These provide entertainment and excitement during the game but have no direct influence on our winnings or our chances of winning. Why this is so can best be seen if you go back a few years and even centuries and think back to the first slot machines and their functions.

The payout percentage and the probability of winning

The payout ratio plays an important role at the slot machines available in the recommendations of This describes the percentage of stakes that the slot has to pay out as winnings. The difference between 100 percent and the payout quota is the profit margin of the respective provider. Which payout ratio prevails for which slot can usually be seen in advance and is above all dependent on the type of slot and its location. The classic slot machines in game libraries or in similar locations often only have a payout ratio of 60 percent. Slot machines in casinos and casinos pay out up to 90 percent of the stakes. Slot games in online casinos often achieve payout percentages of around 98 percent. However, this does not mean that the individual player gets 98 percent of his stakes back. The payout quota is calculated from all deposits made by all players and is therefore regarded as the maximum of the payouts from a machine. Including all special games and bonus games.

The payout ratio tells you what percentage is paid back to the player on a spin. With a payout ratio of 98 percent and a stake of one euro, the player receives an average of 98 cents back per spin. Conversely, this means that you lose – yes, two cents per spin.

Coincidence and yet no coincidence

Coincidence and yet no coincidence slot games if you want to play new online slots today, you should know the difference between chance and probability. In a purely random game, virtually every possible combination of symbols and arrangements on the reels and paylines would have the same probability of appearing. In such a system no payout quotas would be possible and it could well happen that within a few minutes the money in the slot machine or the amounts deposited by the operators would be distributed to the players. So it is not surprising that modern slot machines use a much more intelligent system. Thanks to the probabilities, the number of winnings, the frequency of winnings and of course the maximum payout to the player are already determined in advance.

This does not mean that the player can no longer realize a profit for this reason. Too many experiences from close and distant surroundings prove the opposite. It only means that the winning combinations are determined by chance, but can be achieved with a certain probability. So the player can make a big win right at the beginning, but also only after playing hundreds of spins on a machine. This is the still prevailing principle of randomness, which allows slot machines to be assigned to the topic of gambling at all. Without this random principle, it would be a pure bet on probabilities, which in many cases could even be calculated using mathematical means.